Pension Maximization

Get the Most Out of Your Pension & Secure Your Family’s financial Security

Pension maximization is an effective solution that works for married individuals who are current participants in a pension plan. Pension maximization helps you receive your maximum retirement benefits and guarantees your surviving spouse an income after your death.

The pension maximization strategy is financial planning concept that involves the following:

  • Select the life only option (maximum available) for your monthly pension income, which ensures that you will receive the highest amount available. Use the excess income to purchase a life insurance policy that protects your spouse in the event you pre-decease him or her. 
    • If you die before your spouse, your spouse is protected and receives tax-free income from the life insurance proceeds.
    • If your spouse pre-deceases you, you continue to receive the highest monthly benefit and have the option to reassign your beneficiaries or cancel your life insurance.
  • In either scenario, both spouses are protected and maximizing the income provided by the pension. Remember, the pension choice you make is IRREVOCABLE.

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