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A collaborative, team oriented portfolio management process is employed to construct and manage the Servblue. The investment team incorporates the distinctive talents and specialties of multiple investment professionals and diligently seeks to maximize the risk-adjusted returns of each portfolio model. Maintaining a long-term perspective is important because it allows us to:

  • Keep our focus and maintain the strategic investment allocations without chasing returns.
  • Select investments on the basis of long-term merit.
  • Resist making impulsive changes.
  • Keep short-term developments in perspective.

Our investment philosophy remains one of broad-based diversification to help minimize downside risk and maximize risk-adjusted returns. Our key investment principles include:


The returns of the various asset classes rotate over time because of varying exposures to market, economic, and political factors. Therefore, it is not possible to consistently predict, with absolute certainty, the best performing asset classes. Also, it is well documented that asset allocation is the primary determinant of portfolio returns. For these reasons, it is critical to utilize an extremely diverse group of traditional and alternative asset classes to maximize the risk-adjusted returns of the portfolio. The continued development of the financial markets and evolution of new asset classes has significantly increased the availability and number of asset classes. This requires continuous market research to ensure each portfolio maintains proper diversification.

Active Management

We believe that active management should be incorporated into every investment approach and philosophy. This is because judgments and assumptions need to be formulated in order to construct and manage every portfolio. Prudent investment management requires consistent and clearly defined active management objectives, which is the goal of our clearly defined portfolio management process. Research indicates that short-term market timing strategies rarely, if ever, generate consistent excess return. However, it is our belief that a disciplined research and management approach can identify opportunities for improved returns over the long-term.

The Importance of Asset Allocation