Beacon Financial is dedicated to working with Fraternal Order of Police

Beacon Financial has been dedicated to working with more than 400,000 public servants for over 10 years through law enforcement agencies, fraternal organizations and municipalities across the country. In New York, we work with the Police Academy and Police Plaza, providing educational and consultative services to Executives, to all Members of Services, School Safety Division… Read More »

Educational Seminars on Family Financial Situations

Beacon Financial will provide customized educational seminars and meet with members individually. Our goal is to help your members better understand their financial situations, educate on current programs available so they can be prepared for a more secure retirement. We cover the following topics and common questions: RETIREMENT PLANNING Are you prepared to retire? How… Read More »

Pension Maximization

Get the Most Out of Your Pension & Secure Your Family’s financial SecurityPension maximization is an effective solution that works for married individuals who are current participants in a pension plan. Pension maximization helps you receive your maximum retirement benefits and guarantees your surviving spouse an income after your death. The pension maximization strategy is… Read More »

Life Insurance Policy

Few would argue against the importance of having life insurance, especially if there are others who depend on your salary, for example; children, spouse and/or other family members. Upon your death, a life insurance policy will pay your beneficiary a lump sum that can; replace lost income, pay off outstanding expenses (mortgage, debt, vehicle, etc.),… Read More »

Illinois FOP Life Insurance

Beacon-Financial rolls out life insurance exclusive for Ilfop members, spouses and dependents. This will enable members to obtain low cost term with limited medical questions. Involving spouses was a key in this new offering.