About Beacon Financial

Beacon Financial is a financial advisory practice dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals. We believe each of our clients is unique whether their goals are retirement, children’s education, or whatever is important to them; – our advisors will custom tailor a solution for our clients. Financial advice doesn’t stop there; life is evolving, so ongoing world-class service is our foundation.

Our International Practice is unique in that it’s dedicated to working with Americans and those with a U.S. “nexus” who are based overseas. Our Law Enforcement Practice has been dedicated for the last 10 years to those who protect and serve across the U.S.. Providing financial education and benefits to organizations that represent over 100 law enforcement agencies. Our clients range from police officers in major cities to State troopers to officers patrolling our borders. A Beacon Financial Guiding Principle – “We believe there is nothing more noble than being of service to others”.

From Randy Landsman – President:

Public employees are facing incredible headwinds in our current economic and political climate. Benefits are being reduced or, in some cases, even eliminated. There is a strong debate about whether to switch pension plans into investment plans. One thing is certain – we must take personal responsibility for our future. We understand the issues that are being faced every day, and the problems that need to be solved. We believe that the men and woman who protect our communities and educate our children deserve the same services that the wealthy have had for years. Financial dignity is something that is deserved for all the years of service that have been unselfishly given to your communities.

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